Online ads not paying the bills? MediaPass is an online subscription solution that's as easy as advertising, but can generate much more revenue. How much more? Our customers report threefold to twentyfold increases compared to display advertising alone. And MediaPass can be installed in minutes.

Just copy the MediaPass code snippet and paste it onto your site, then manage your subscription plan in the MediaPass Publisher Dashboard. Plugins and extensions are also available for some content management systems. Large media companies with more complex needs can contact us to learn about MediaPass Advanced Solutions.

With MediaPass, you select which pages or directories to make pay-only, and which to leave free. MediaPass does the rest. We enroll your subscribers, collect payments, handle fraud protection and security compliance, even manage subscriber support. Then, each month we send you a check. Cash it. And then get back to what you're great at: creating content people love.

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  • News organizations today need a digital subscription strategy that bolsters their bottom line. MediaPass can get a newspaper, magazine or other news site to market fast with flexible solutions that can be scaled up or down.

  • MediaPass is an ideal tool to monetize a popular audio or video podcast. Or add a premium podcast that offers exclusive content to your paying subscribers or members.

  • MediaPass creates lasting links to loyal fans by giving them premium content—videos, music files, exclusive articles—that can be accessed only on your website. Perfect for TV personalities, actors, musicians, or web series with a devoted following.

  • Already in tune with a core readership, bloggers know exactly what their audience cares about most. Leverage some of a blog's best content or valuable archive with a premium membership or subscription plan.

  • Designate premium articles, photo galleries, and videos. Create a subscriber-only section of your online publication. Or activate a “meter” so users must subscribe after a set number of page views.

  • Language lessons, videogame cheat sheets, competitive internship guides—those are just a few of the creative websites that use MediaPass to collect subscription fees.

  • Instantly turn free pages into Premium paid pages.
  • No setup fee or commitment.
  • Absolutely no technical expertise needed.
  • Make much more money than advertising alone.
  • Works on any platform or content management system.
  • Completely customizable look and feel of your subscription style.
  • Never deal with customer billing or merchant processing hassles.
  • Manage everything from the easy-to-use MediaPass Publisher Dashboard.