MediaPass makes generating paid subscriptions to your site's content painless.

Once you've added MediaPass to your site using our Javascript code snippet or CMS plugins, you control everything from your MediaPass Publisher Dashboard. Add a logo or description of membership benefits. Pick exactly which pages or segments of your site to make exclusive to paying subscribers. Set your prices.

Even better? No merchant account needed. We manage payment processing, renewals - everything associated with recurring billing. We even handle all support for your subscribers so you don't have to.

Below, learn more about MediaPass' many options. To learn more about who uses MediaPass and how, read our Publishers page.

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MediaPass offers several ways to present a prompt to subscribe or join to a website's visitors. Decide which one is best for your website, or use a combination.

  • When you create premium pages or sections accessible only to members/subscribers, a page overlay dims the content of the whole page until a user signs up.

  • A pop-up window is triggered when users click on any “teaser” on your site to access premium content.

  • A more seamless approach targets subscribers for specific articles. An in-page prompt covers only the piece on premium content on the page.

  • To charge for premium videos specifically, use this overlay. It sits on top of your video content and works with any player.

The Publisher Dashboard is the hub of MediaPass' many options. From here you can choose what to make paid or premium content, how much to charge, and much more. Features include:

MediaPass Features
  • Pricing Optimization

    Test subscriptions rates and plans on different pages to find your optimal price point.

  • No Merchant Account Needed

    We manage payment processing, renewals - everything associated with recurring billing.

  • Subscriber Customer Service

    We handle all support for your subscribers so you don't have to.

  • Metered Paywall

    Allow users a certain number of free page views in a prescribed time period before they are prompted to subscribe.

  • Branding

    Upload your site or company logo to appear in the subscription prompt.

  • Custom Messaging/Benefits

    Compose a message to users about the benefits of being a subscriber or premium member.

  • Network Pass

    Set up subscriptions solutions that handle multiple domains.

  • Custom Reporting

    Review customer activity and subscription earnings.

  • User Interface Themes

    Configure the style and appearance of your subscription prompt so it appears seamless with your website.

  • Subscription Plans

    Choose recurring subscriptions, charge for specific periods, or even by per article or video.

  • Mobile Integration

    Configure MediaPass to use a single username and password across multiple platforms, including mobile and tablet apps.